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Make Your ‘Dreams Come True’ With Our Augmented Reality Services!

We are glad to announce that P3D Technology Solutions has proficiency in making your dream project come true with our Augmented Reality Services. AR being the latest technology; our experts are trained and skilled in developing web apps based on AR technology.

Pokemon go Augmented Reality

Now – what’s Augmented Reality in the first place?

We’ll explain!

It’s a very new, engaging technology where digital information is integrated with the real-time environment to give a live experience. Unlike VR or Virtual Technology (where an entirely artificial environment in created), AR simply uses the real environment, overlaying additional digital data on it.

How can our AR apps help your business?

When used as a business tool, the AR apps we develop can –

Engage and interact more closely with customers

Create maximum brand awareness

Initiate effective marketing

Interpret products and services with more transparency

Can be used to train employees

At P3D, we utilize the Augmented Reality technology for catering to your specific project requirements.

Augmented Reality services

Augmented Reality Application

Our apps for educational purpose:

Even the educational world can use AR apps for enlarging possibilities of the learning process. This technology will give both physical and psychological experience to students for understanding various subjects better.

The framework we use!

Our professionals have efficiency in working with all major frameworks of AR. Two of the most important are Vuforia and EasyAR.


A very popular SDK (Software Development Kit) for AR, it is supported by Unity Editor, Android, iOS and UWP. It supports –

Text recognition

Environment recognition

Recognizing shapes and other visual objects

2D and 3D recognition

arget tracking, etc.

Augmented Reality Vuforia SDK


An exceptional framework, EasyAR is often used as the best alternative to Vuforia. It supports –

Cloud recognition

App Cloud packaging

Image recognition (1.3.1 version)

3D recognition

Perception of the environment

Augmented Reality EasyAR SDK 2.0

Why choose P3D Technology Solutions for AR?

Experienced and proficiency in AR

Customize solutions to clients

Cost-effective packages

Fast delivery of service

Unlimited support

Do you have more queries regarding our Augmented Reality services? Contact us today! P3D would be happy to assist you!

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