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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At P3D Technology Solutions, we do respect your privacy and strive to maintain your secrecy concerns. The P3D privacy policy assists us to uphold our commitment towards the protection of your personal data and information

1. User’s personal details:

1.1. Every personal detail entered by the users will be used solely for communication purposes.

1.2. P3D shall use this to revert to queries, notify up-gradations or any other information essential, regarding the service.

1.3. No data will be shared with any third party without the consent of the respective client.

Kindly note: P3D Technology Solutions only collect those personal details which the clients provide willingly.

2. Browsing Data:

2.1. The company might collect user’s browsing details including IP addresses, ISP, browser type, no. of visits, duration, etc.

2.2. We might also drop cookies to derive user’s choices and preferences so that we can notify them about our services accordingly.

2.3. All these will be collected to improve the website as well as our services. However, users be assured as the data we gather are completely secured.

2.4. None of these details will be shared with any third party.

For any kind of query or doubt, feel free to contact us at (+91) 86977 29082 or contact@p3dtech.com.

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