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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

The website www.p3dtech.com is a property of P3D Technology Solutions and by logging into this, you are agreeing to the following P3D Technology terms and conditions.

This agreement is intended towards building a stronger bond between you (the user) and the company (P3D).

1. As a user, you can have access to all the pages in this website anytime you feel necessary.

2. All the activities like receiving service requests, contacting by the clients, etc. are regulated by the company itself.

3. P3D reserves the right to make changes in the provided website content as when required with modifications in the service policy.

4. Request for hiring a specific developer rests with the clients as per their choice.

5. However, the company will not be liable for any sort of misfortune or property harm by P3D’s representatives while executing the obligations.

6. Every user must agree to the usage of their provided personal details as laid down by the company’s privacy policy.

For further enquiry, you can always drop us your message at contact@p3dtech.com.

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